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Our History
  • Deltron Intelligence was established in 2016, dedicated to exploring the practical applications of AI technology.
  • Deltron originated from the Robotics Institute and Chemical Laboratory of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and began applying laboratory research results to real-world applications.
Core Technology Breakthrough
  • Achieving both external appearance and internal quality inspection, the modules were developed entirely in-house, surpassing international competitors in detection parameters and establishing the company as the first in the domestic industry with its own proprietary research and development module.
Portable Device
  • We initiated "SmartFruit," a portable, non-destructive quality testing device in collaboration with large supermarkets clients such as Walmart and Pagoda. The product received unanimous praise from Walmart’s Quality Control department.
Large-scale Sorting Device
  • We introduced the "AI Fruit Sorting Equipment," which was employed for categorizing citrus, apples, and other fruits, and was implemented in major fruit-producing areas such as Yunnan and Guangxi.
New Era of AI Sorting
  • The "AI Fruit Sorting Equipment" was upgraded to include sorting of small fruits like plums and jujubes etc.and it was introduced in major fruit-producing regions such as Xinjiang and Shandong.
  • The equipment's reach expanded to include eight major fruit-producing areas including Guangxi, Yunnan, Hubei, Hunan, and Xinjiang.
  • We were honored with the designation of a National High-Tech Enterprise.
Corporation Honors
National High-Tech EnterpriseExemplary Case of Intelligent Robot Application in Shenzhen CityOne of the Top Hundred Pioneering Enterprises in Digital Agriculture
The first company in the industry to develop its own intelligent module autonomously.
30+Patents for utility innovation
15+Patents for design
10+Patents for invention
Core Values
valueSelf Driven
  • Anchored in diligence
  • Embrace openness and sincerity
  • Engage in first-principle thinking
valueClients first
  • Customer-centric approach
valueCraft products
  • Aspire for perfection
valueHighly Cooperate
  • Simplicity stems from trust.
  • Ability to express one's viewpoints authentically.
  • Seek constructive communication.
  • Embrace cooperation for mutual benefit.
Client Partners
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