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smart fruit demoPortable,
smart fruit demoBut Useful
Efficient and non-destructive,
ensuring cost savings.
With our portable device, In just 1 to 2 seconds, fruit inspection can be accomplished.
Utilizing near-infrared spectroscopy, we assess the quality of the fruit both internally and externally.
smart fruit detect
Multiple fruit type
All in one device
Our technology is capable of thoroughly inspecting over 60 varieties of fruits ranging in size from a diminutive 10mm to a substantial 140mm, encompassing everything from small berries such as cherry tomatoes and grapes to medium-sized fruits like apples, pears, and various citrus, to large melons and watermelons, all within a single machine.
Real-time data analysis
Our platform offers a Business Intelligence (BI) system features multi-dimensional statistical information, facilitating the digital upgrade of inspection results and providing convenience for data analysis and information dissemination throughout the supply chain.
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