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H-type AI Sorter for Citrus
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Non-destructive detection
Our proprietary AI data algorithms combined with near-infrared detection enable us to ascertain various fruit metrics.
Module on your demand
Customized modules tailored to create exclusive, high cost-performance smart devices.
Rapid algorithmic modeling
A professional, experienced team provides supportive collaboration.
Gentle handling
Specially designed soft cushioning. We care each of your fruit.
Build for efficiency
Automated system swiftly categorizes citrus fruits, 4-lane machine could process up to 12-15 tons per hour.
Data analyzing
Sorting data is presented visually, allowing for real-time monitor of on-site conditions.
Detect complex external defectsPixel-level precision detection system
meticulously captures visual flaws at high speeds
Internal defects are identified
through non-destructive technology
Autonomously adjustable near-infrared spectroscopy detection module
Weight 385g
Brix 13°
Mould Core 5%
Know more about your production
with data insight
Build your sorting plan in seconds, with cloud-based data analysis
Simple, fast, easy to use.
Single laneup to 3-5t/h
Weighing accuracy<±3g
Diameter accuracy<±2mm
Defects detection accuracy>90%
4-lane up to
Modular Configuration. Flexible Combination
Specifications and Options
Length × Width ×
Height in meters
Total power
Packing optionsOutlet Height
No.of lanesRated voltageForm of
4-lane citrus sorter30*2*1.67-26On demand400On demandAC380vbelt/on demand
Can be designed into a comprehensive solution based on the specific requirements of the client's demand.
Customized on Demand
Automatic Box TipperFeeding
Water-Based LoadingFeeding & Washing
Dry-Style LoadingFeeding
Waxing & DryingPreservation
Packaging StationOn Demand
Empty Box CirculationFor Packaging
Box Weighing SystemMax Fruit Value
Palletizing SystemOn Demand
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